Experience the Medicine

One of my favorite features about the CCM program at NUNM is its emphasis on self-cultivation and experiencing the medicine for ourselves. My allopathic medical training was the complete opposite. And I’ve seen many physicians live oppositely from the recommendations they give to their patients.

How can I understand how my patient feels about a particular treatment modality or protocol?

In truth, I probably could not, not without experiencing it myself in order to gain at least a small degree of true empathy. I could never fully understand the inner workings of another person because every individual is just that. Each person experiences things differently – no two people are ever treated in quite the same way.

Every term we have a class called Acu-Moxa Techniques in which we practice the various modalities on one another. We learn to needle – on one another – so that we also experience the needling and the techniques.

How can I heal someone without having undergone the process of healing myself? 

This term we began taking a course called Practitioner Cultivation – the first of a series of 3. It is exactly what it sounds like. We focus solely on ourselves and exploring our inner workings in an effort to begin the healing process within ourselves – emotional or spiritual.

I’ve personally discovered a thing or two so far from the process which have certainly been quite interesting. Just to be clear: I’m not digging around to find something within myself that “needs to be fixed”. I’m simply searching for and recognizing emotional connections that I never realized were there before. It’s simply curiosity.

I spent a number of years developing myself when I was younger – recognizing my own traits, characteristics, habits, emotions, spiritual beliefs, etc. – and have dealt with a lot of the things we’ve been discussing this term so far. I like to think of it as improving upon my internal landscape. This is something that is a constant process and because I’ve experienced this, I should know better than to expect a one time “fix” for anyone I see.

Here’s the thing about being alive: it’s a constant cycle; a system that is never static, always changing.

Our CCM community believes that the exploration and embodiment of the original tenets and practices of this medicine are essential if we are to bring its true power to today’s patients.

~ NUNM College of Classical Chinese Medicine


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