Who Am I?

My name is Amy.

I’ve been exposed to the world of “alternative” medicine from as far back as my memory allows. Like any other child I grew up with alternating career interests but most often I’d go back to wanting to be a doctor or teacher. In retrospect, I now know that doctor is teacher. I’m working to be exactly what I want to be.

I am a recent graduate of allopathic medicine, having obtained my MBBS (which is the equivalent to an MD) and completed a 12-month internship at an allopathic tertiary institution. It is my belief that no practice is stronger than that of integrative medicine. The “best of both worlds” as people often like to say.

I began my education at the National College of National Medicine (NCNM) with the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine but decided that the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine has more to offer me, holistically.

> This is my journey so far <

Continue with me as I journey towards a holistic practice of medicine.

I am getting back to nature, 
I have strayed from mother earth, 
Have followed many barren paths, since my time of birth, 
I am living close to nature, with the sun, the air, the bath, 
And experience has taught me this, to take 'The Natur-path.'

– William Harvard (1919)


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